I met Kevin Behymer in 2006 when beginning a project on a 1962 Nova. Not only was this the first time working with Kevin but also my first car project in general. I found Kevin to be honest and easy to work with. I not only appreciated his workmanship but his guidance as well. I was also pleased with the results of this project.

The 62 Nova project was just the beginning. Since, Kevin and I have worked on other projects. The most recent project was a 1950 Chevy Pickup. The truck was just completed in August of 2012. As usual I was pleased with the finished product.

Over the last few years Kevin and I have become good friends through our common interests in cars and the projects we have worked on. I am sure we will work on new projects in the future.

— Chris G.


My name is Lee Kresser, and I contracted Kevin Behymer of Golden Rule Auto to restore my family heirloom, a 1950 Ford that had been in the family since it was new.

 The condition of the vehicle was good is some areas, and pretty poor in some places. But I had foundational requirements that 1) All electrical would be new, 2) All fuel system tank and feed lines and fittings were to be new, and 3) All brake system components would be new. Many other things were fixed up and re-used, but Kevin had the clean and professionally furnished shop to address all of the things to make it a great restoration. He did drastic reconstruction like replacing and re-welding all the floor pans and truck floor, he rebuilt and re-welded the rocker panels and re-connected the body sheet metal to frame per factory specs. The doors all have good fit and finish now.

Kevin was also flexible in the work. I could help along-side if I wanted, or he would work alone. I had the engine rebuilt at an engine shop and the interior installed at a different shop. He installed the engine and arranged transportation to the interior installer. I did 90% of all the parts ordering, which allowed him to be active in the shop instead of at the desk. This was a very functional, productive, and efficient arrangement.

He has a great record keeping system for all categories of the work so there is a clear record of all labor and materials that go into each facet of the job.  Whether it’s a bid job, a T&M job, or a regular insurance claim repair job; you can trust this shop.

If you are thinking of rebuilding YOUR classic, or simply sprucing up an old friend from your younger days, Kevin Behymer at Golden Rule Auto is the shop for you.


When I needed to redo an amateur restoration on my 1930 Ford Town Sedan, I looked around for someone to do that work for me. I met Kevin Behymer because another old car enthusiast told him I had a car for sale. He looked at it and bought it. We then discussed the restoration work I needed and what you see is the result of the time he spent working on my car. I’m quite proud of how it looks and certainly have the highest opinion of Kevin’s work.

— Cliff G.


I was referred to Kevin by a friend who knows him from church. I handed over my 1965 Jaguar Mk2 sedan needing a complete body restoration. She was severely rusted and bent. Kevin welded in several patch panels, fabricated other needed items, took her down to bare metal, and sprayed on a nice blue finish. I rarely enter her in shows, but when I do, I usually come home with a nice award. If anyone is looking for an excellent restoration expert, I highly recommend Kevin and Golden Rule.

— Chuck W.


I met Kevin through another very good friend quite a few years ago.  Since that fortunate time, Kevin and I have worked together on many different projects.  What always tremendously impresses me is Kevin’s awesome blend of artistry, engineering, creativity, and ability to fabricate almost anything.

This is saying quite a bit as I am a perfectionist with my race car.

The entire body of my race car is made out of carbon fiber and Kevin always does a top notch job even when he has to fabricate and repair very complex multi-contour parts out of carbon fiber.

Additionally, in racing, timing is very tight due to upcoming races, and Kevin always does whatever it takes to get it done right, on time, and very cost effectively!

My experiences with Kevin include top notch results in:

  • Carbon fiber body work, painting
  • Creative complex fabrication and repairs
  • Does whatever he commits to
  • Very honest, straightforward, ethical, and values driven
  • And a genuinely very nice person

I highly recommend Kevin for everything noted above as well as restorations as I have seen the results of many of his other awesome projects.  I do not say this lightly as I continually recommend Kevin to my friends that need any work done.

Thanks Kevin, for all your great results and feel free to use me as a reference.

— Norm G.