Current Projects

Classic cars. What comes to your mind when you think of a classic car? Is it a memory of a classic car you had once when you were in high school? Is it that first old Mustang or Charger you saw at the first car show your parents took you to as a kid?

Whether that old classic is a Chrysler, Ford, GM or even an old Jaguar, they all have one thing in common: stories. 

That old Corvette you found in a barn somewhere might have belonged to a Vietnam vet. The Ford Woody Wagon you just watched a surfer drive to the beach in Venice, California has been in that surfers family since it was new. 

No matter what the make of the car, no matter the history, each classic car has a special story. Each person here at Golden Rule takes these stories seriously and to heart, and we work very hard to help you not only preserve old stories and memories, but to keep that classic around to create new stories and memories for generations to come.

So keep checking back to see the progress of the cars we’re working on. This part of the site is always a work in progress; cars are always coming and going!